ULV Covid & Disinfectant Cleans

Cleanse away coronavirus, norovirus, bacteria and disease

Meet Exodus... Our New Best Friend

Eradicate those diseases such as Coronavirus, Norovirus and Salmonella, that may be lurking within your site, by booking in for the very best Hygiene and Disinfectant ULV treatment.

Exodus offers quick and effective ULV treatment, cleaning and disinfecting surface areas and equipment through an innovative application that kills those unwanted bacteria, fungi, protozoa and viral organisms identified as being associated with diseases such as MSRA, Coronavirus, Norovirus, Salmonella, Tuberculosis and Clostridium.

Unlike conventional high-volume spraying, ultra-low volume (ULV) treatments utilise the minimal volume of formulation required to produce the desired effect with maximum efficiency.

One of the advantages of our Exodus Hygiene and Disinfectant Treatment is the quick application time.  An average service time per room is 10 minutes from start to completion, with the ULV application being as little as 10 seconds in some cases.  The droplets produced by the Exodus ULV system fall out in approximately 1 hour, meaning that in most cases, a treated area can be re-entered after 60 minutes, meaning minimal ‘downtime’ and disruption.


Limited Offer Pricing

Our fully qualified, experienced and DBS cleared Tennals Technicians are able to offer services around the clock. This, along with the efficient application time, enables high-risk sites, such as schools, including kitchens/food preparation areas, the opportunity to have treatments carried out within term time without disruption or closures.