Bird Control

We offer a complete service for the humane control of urban bird pests.

We have a wide range of experience in bird proofing and ensuring that birds do not return to private properties. We offer tailor made solutions which are safe, humane and reliable for bird proofing your building.

Pigeons and other birds can cause health risks to humans; they can also do considerable damage to property. Our effective bird control is tailored to each customer’s requirements. We understand that different species of birds will be deterred by different methods and we use our experience to assist you in bird proofing your property.

​Tennals Pest Control offers a free site survey and initial consultation, to allow us to find the best solution to your specific bird problem. As part of our survey, our experienced and trained team will assess commercial or residential properties considering key factors such as: Availability of food and water sources, shelter from weather and pollution elements, and suitable conditions to reproduce.

The systems we use are designed to be humane and environmentally friendly. We also take care to not cause any damage to your building during the installation of bird proofing materials.


Bird Repellent Systems

These bird repellent systems are designed specifically to keep pest birds from perching on your building, by creating unstable or an intimidating landing service. ‘Ecopic’ is one of these types of anti-perching systems and is made from stainless steel spring wire and points. This system stops unsightly damage and therefore stops the risk of fouling and health-associated problems to human beings.

​Proofing Systems

The ‘Proofing System’ is a netting system which is designed to keep birds out and involves denying access to light wells, recesses and balcony drops. This is particularly popular amongst housing and business properties that have solar panels.