Insects, Bees & Wasp Management

Our insect pest control technicians can assist in controlling any insect problem you may have in your property

At TPC Specialised Services, we have the effective treatment necessary to get rid of whatever insect problem you may have. Our insect pest control technicians offer a free consultation to inspect the insect problem and will offer solutions and a treatment plan to control the insect pests.

Our insect pest control technicians offer a range of services including:​

  • Free insect identification service
  • Free quotation for our insect pest control service
  • Insect monitoring service
  • Insecticide Treatment: ants, silverfish, ground beetle, flies, biting insects including mites and fleas
  • Wasps and bee nest control
  • Cockroaches control

The insect pest control products we supply include:

  • Moth and wasp lures
  • Professional fly traps
  • Fly screen windows and doors
  • PVC strip curtain doors
  • Mesh strip curtain doors
  • Chain screen doors
  • Electrical fly killing units (EFK), including up-lighters, fly-lit, sticky boards (including maintenance service)
  • Tubes and starters for EFK units

​Flies and other insects can cause a health risk. Regular servicing of fly control products is necessary in order to keep the risks associated with flies to a minimum. Our insect pest control team can fix fly screens and ensure all the EFKs are in good working order.