Residential & Commercial Cleans

Cleaning & Pest Proofing service for maximum hygiene.

As well as a full cleaning of any building or outdoor area, we also offer pest-proofing. Great hygiene is key to keeping pests at bay and Tennals Pest is here to help with that. We will advise on any future proofing we believe you need to ensure a clean and hygienic environment.

All waste is safely removed from the site by our qualified hazardous waste carriers to ensure that the area is dealt with professionally and safely.

Unattended properties

After a time, unattended properties quickly drop below what we would call safe. Mould, dampness, weeds, fungi, rodents and other unwanted things begin taking control. The homeless and squatters may also cause issues with these properties. If water, gas and electricity are still connected to the property then this causes a risk of flooding or other damage to the property. The longer the building remains empty, the more checks must be completed before it can be deemed safe to live in again.

We can clear and control any further damage to your property in a safe and professional manner.


Bio-Hazard Clean Up

A bio-hazard or biological hazard, is a substance that threatens the life of a person. This includes bodily fluids like blood, urine, faeces or vomit that can carry infectious diseases such as HIV or hepatitis.

At Tennals Pest, we will arrive at the location and begin deep cleaning the affected area to return it to a hygienic state.