Commercial Pest Control

At Tennals Pest Control we offer commercial pest control solutions for private and commercial businesses

Pests can create health hazards and cause damage to your premises. Our experienced and qualified commercial pest control technicians use effective treatments to ensure we deal with your infestation problem. Our commercial pest control technicians offer a quick and efficient response to your call and an effective treatment to ensure you do not suffer from loss of business.

The risks of a pest​ problem to commercial businesses can be severe they include:

  • Commercial pest control is needed to protect the reputation of your business
  • A pest infestation can create problems with staff and customers
  • Commercial pest control is needed to prevent damage to your stock, electrical supplies or building
  • An infestation of pests could mean the enforced closure of your business or fines by your local authority
  • Pests can create a long-term cost including expensive re-wiring of your building as some rodents gnaw through wires
  • Pests can cause a fire hazard

​Where food is served or manufactured it is important that any pest problem is dealt with quickly and efficiently. Our commercial pest control technicians can control any infestations, offer preventative treatments and ensure any area where pests are entering your premises is blocked. Having a pest control prevention service in place will protect your business from future pest infestations. A preventative pest control plan ensures that all the demands of the local and health authorities are met.

Our commercial pest control technicians can assist in getting rid of a wide variety of pests including wasps, rats, mice, squirrels, birds, cockroaches, ants, flies and other insects

We offer commercial pest control contracts for an existing infestation and we also offer a preventative pest control management package to ensure that you do not have a new infestation problem in your premises in the future. We can create an individual contract to suit your commercial business requirements.

Our commercial pest control team offers a professional, friendly and discreet service. We respond quickly to our customer’s requirements and work hard to ensure that the most effective treatment is implemented. Whether you have a problem with birds, wasps, rats or mice our commercial pest control technicians can assist with any of your pest control problems. We offer a free survey and quotation for all commercial pest control treatments. Contact us to hear more about our competitively priced services for all domestic and commercial pest control services.