Rodent Control

Our pest control technicians can assist you in controlling any unwanted rodents or vermin from your commercial or private property.

Our technicians will come to your property and assess what needs to be done to effectively control mice, rats, squirrels and other vermin from your premises. Our rodent pest control technicians create a pest control package to suit your personal pest control requirements.

Our service contract is a specialised programme of visits designed to ensure that your premises are, and continue to be as pest free as possible from a wide range of environmental pests. This pest management package promises attention to detail, rapid response to your needs whenever required, followed by a comprehensive back up service to ensure your problems are solved.


Initial Treatment

Intensive initial treatments using modern, effective state of the art formulations that are environmentally friendly and safe as possible. The purpose of this intensive programme of visits is to eradicate existing infestation.

Proofing Recommendations

Obviously, vermin can find entry points into a building, therefore on occasions it is necessary for these entry points to be blocked (for example holes around pipes, gaps under doors etc.) This could hinder our efforts of control therefore we will endeavour to find a solution to these problems or offer advice on how to deter rodent entry.

Housekeeping Recommendations

On the initial visit, housekeeping recommendations will be given to eliminate possible encouragement of pest infestation.

​Routine Service Visits

Once the initial programme has been completed, future routine visits will be carried out regularly which would include a full inspection to prevent re-infestation. Pesticides would be applied where it is deemed necessary and in accordance with the Control of Substances Harmful to Health Regulations (COSHH). A detailed report will be submitted after each visit and recorded in the Report Folder. This will be left on-site at all times. Your routine visits will be discussed and evaluated regularly and quality control inspections will be carried out either by Senior Staff or an Independent Field Biologist.

Tennals Pest Control Limited would like to encourage a working partnership with our Customers. The better we get to know their requirements the better we are able to offer advice on products and services to ensure total satisfaction at all times.