Expanding Services and Achieving Success

Residential pest control

Here at TPC, we’re excited to share some recent developments that showcase our commitment to providing exceptional pest control services across various sectors.

National Automotive Centre Signs Up for Long-Term Service:

We’ve transitioned from ad-hoc visits to securing 12-month contracts with a National Automotive Centre. This marks a significant step forward, solidifying our ability to cater to the ongoing pest control needs of large organizations.

Sonar System Trial a Resounding Success:

Our recent trial of a Sonar System, an ultrasonic bird repellent sound, for a local Metropolitan Borough Council has proven highly effective. As a result, the MBC plans to install these systems across all their tower blocks, demonstrating the system’s potential for widespread adoption.

Promising Prospects with National Housing Group:

We’ve reached the final stage of a tender process with a National Housing Group. A positive outcome is anticipated shortly, which would further expand our reach within the housing sector.

University Expansion Brings New Opportunities:

Due to a local University’s expansion, TPC has been chosen to provide both reactive and planned pest control services. This highlights our ability to adapt and cater to the evolving needs of educational institutions.

These developments showcase TPC’s dedication to innovation, reliability, and exceptional service. We’re confident that these successes will pave the way for continued growth and a leading position within the pest control industry.

As we continue to offer thorough and efficient pest control solutions across a range of sectors, stay tuned for more developments.

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