Tennals Pest Control Takes Flight Against Pesky Birds with New Laser Technology!

Pest control Services for Birds in football grounds

Tennals Pest Control (TPC) is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that keep us one step ahead of the competition. We are thrilled to share the news that we have purchased our first handheld laser device, which is intended to keep birds such as pigeons and seagulls from building nests on or near your property!

Safe and Effective Bird Control:

With the use of this state-of-the-art laser technology, it is safe and compassionate to deter birds from building nests in undesirable areas. The laser produces a flashing effect that disturbs nesting behaviour and motivates birds to look for alternate nesting locations. The laser generates a harmless beam of light.

Premier League Partnership:

We are excited to announce that our innovative laser system will be tested by a major Premier League football club first! This amazing collaboration shows how successful our creative method of bird control is.

Expanding Our Services:

TPC is dedicated to providing outstanding service that goes beyond birds. On behalf of a national charity, we currently offer thorough pest control solutions to a variety of locations. Acknowledging our proficiency, the Charity is contemplating a whole site transfer to Tennals Pest Control, indicating a substantial extension of our offerings.

Protecting Your Property:

Unwanted birds can be an annoyance to property managers, business owners, and homeowners alike. They may cause health risks, cause noise disturbances, and cause property damage.

Tennals Pest Control provides a range of strategies to deter birds, such as:

Exclusion Techniques: To keep birds out of nesting locations, we can use physical barriers like netting or wire mesh.
Habitat Modification: We can locate and eliminate components, including food sources or nesting materials, that draw birds.
Avian Repellents: We provide secure and potent repellents that keep birds away from particular areas.

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